Live Review: Raindeer @ Rock & Roll Hotel, 6/12/18

I'd wanted to see Charm City's charming Raindeer since I stumbled upon them researching Secret Stages back in 2015. It was a pleasant surprise to be able to finally see them up close and in person, where the band's delightful eccentricities truly shine.

They began their set in such a sweetly unassuming way, just a casual "Hello, we're Raindeer," before diving right into some propulsive, fuzzy jangle pop. It took no more than a minute for the entire front row to be contentedly bobbing heads and smiling happily.

Breathy, occasionally falsetto vocals played so very nicely against all of the trio's fuzziness, lifting their songs ever skyward. Every now and again the influence of Flying Nun could be heard in their vintage pop vibes, and some dynamite bass added to the shimmy-ability.

Though the vocal mix felt a little off, I was still enchanted by the almost Sigur Ros vocal tones against such textured instrumentation. Raindeer has a little bit of everything in their sound, from a nice crunch to some feathered, foppish tones. Punchy drumming, the lovely bass throb, and driving guitar were hallmarks of the dynamic set.

The last song came far too soon. Raindeer was a good fit to open for The Horrors, their nuanced sounds unique but incredibly appealing. I'm just hoping it doesn't take three years for me to see them live again.

[photos copyright Megan Petty]

[posted 6.24.18]


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