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Hello: A Fuzzy Logic Update

Hi friends.

You’ve probably noticed (at least, I hope you've noticed) how quiet it’s been around Fuzzy Logic HQ for the last little while. I thought it was only polite to give y’all an update, and to do so without infringing upon an actual post about music to do said update.

I’ve been finding life a little overwhelming lately, which is a sentiment I suspect a great many of you have also felt/are currently feeling. Whether it’s being flabbergasted by the sheer lunacy of our “leaders” or being perpetually heartbroken over various news reports, not to mention struggling to stay afloat financially and mentally in the midst of a global pandemic, my creative inspiration has been at a pretty low ebb for the past few months. I know I’m not alone in feeling that way, and that’s something that’s both comforting and incredibly depressing - I hate knowing how hard this year has been on so many people.

I’m posting today because I wanted to say that Fuzzy Logic isn’t dead, just temporarily d…

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