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Bands on Film: A Place to Bury Strangers @ Levitation, 11/10/19

Every now and then I like to take copious amounts of photos when I go to shows. This set of shots is of a band I like a whole lot.

It's been pretty well-documented around FL over the years that A Place to Bury Strangers is one of my favorite live bands. The trio's set at Barracuda during this year's Levitation was yet another mind-melting, chaotic feat of divine discombobulation, choked with deliberate bursts of fog, glaring strobes, and the ominpresent willful attempted destruction of bass and guitar to go along with the high decibel, massively manic contortions of rock & roll distortion.

As common as those variables are, and as many times as I've seen APTBS live, it's never been, nor will it ever be, the same show twice. This is the least formulaic band you'll likely ever see, and if they were ever to play the same set two nights running you'd need to make sure they hadn't been replaced by body snatchers. "There's Only One of Us" is …

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