Bands on Film: Generationals @ Motorco Music Hall, 9/30/19

Every now and then I like to take copious amounts of photos when I go to shows. This set of shots is of a band I think you should be listening to right about now.

Over the course of the past decade, Louisiana fellas Generationals have become one of my very favorite bands to see live. Their summertime, synth-laden slink with sly rock nods and winks always makes for a good time.

Monday's show at Durham's Motorco Music Hall was no exception, you can check out my full review here. Below you'll find some shots from the show, with fog machine, strobes, and dance moves aplenty. The guys just wrapped up their tour, but the next time they're out on the road, I expect you to be there.

[photos by Megan Petty]

[posted 10.6.19]


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