Live: Generationals @ Motorco Music Hall, 9/30/19

I'm not entirely sure how many times I've had the pleasure of seeing Bayou boys Generationals over the past decade, but what I am sure of is how fantastic they've been every single time. This week's show at Durham's Motorco Music Hall might well be the best of the bunch, which means it was a heck of a show and then some.

While showcasing latest record Reader as Detective, as well as the singles collection State Dogs, the 20-song set cherry-picked gems from across the breadth of the duo's albums, from 2009's Con Law onward. Regardless of the record from whence it came, each song melded together the original version's languid kickiness with a rougher, raw edge. "Faces In the Dark," for example, at times felt like some kind of lost Cars classic. 

The Durham crowd gave no indication that it was a Monday night, giving each song a rousing welcome and cutting a rug until the room was good and sultry. Day-after-birthday boy Ted Joyner and his cherubic blonde mop shimmied on stage, and at one point during stellar b-side "Avery" popped down into the crowd for some singalong shenanigans. "This has been really fun," he grinned as the set wound down.

Among a set full of highlights was an absolutely delightful rendition of The Cure's forever perfect "Just Like Heaven." Injecting their swampland synth magic, Generationals nailed it. "Shall we do a bit more?" pondered Grant Widmer playfully before the band's encore. By the time it was all over, people were sweaty, smiling, and had unquestionably had themselves a grand old time. Not that I needed it, but tonight Generationals reminded me just why they've become one of my favorite live bands. Here's to their next decade.

[photo by Megan Petty]

[posted 10.5.19]


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