The Week In Shows: 8/19/19-8/25/19

A muggy, swampy Saturday morning seems as good a time as any to plot ones weekly show schedule, I think. Let's take a look at what's happening in the greater DC metro this coming week, shall we? Hot diggity!

Over halfway through August, who else can't believe it? I'm ready for the end of the Dog Days, personally, I don't know about y'all. But let's see who's coming to town as we continue to steamroll through the sauna that is August. And now, without further ado, here's a look at some of the shows I happen to recommend for the coming week in the greater DC metro area. Bonus: catch yours truly at any show with an asterisk next to it.

And as an aside, if you've got a show coming up you'd like me to consider including in my weekly calendar, just shoot me an email with "Calendar" somewhere in the subject line. Thanks y'all!

MONDAY, 8/19/19

-Balun + La Roche (Songbyrd Music House)
-The Dales + Drew Angue (Songbyrd Music House)
-The Mob + Guilt Parade + Asesinato (Comet Ping Pong)
-Curtis Eller (Galaxy Hut)

TUESDAY, 8/20/19

-Dove Lady + Why Bonnie + Bleary Eyed (Comet Ping Pong)
-Sounds Like DC Live Town Hall hosted by Sean Gatkin (Black Cat)
-Smalltalk + Outcalls + Little Synth Band (Dwell DC)

WEDNESDAY, 8/21/19

-The Cynics + Jake Starr & The Delicious Fullness + Hall Monitors (Slash Run)
-Rok + We Capillaries + Casanovela (Rock & Roll Hotel)
-Death Valley Girls + Craig Brown Band (DC9)
-Purple Hurt + Upchuck + Baby Spider (Dwell DC)
-Isasa + Magic Tuber String Band + Michael R. Bernstein (Rhizome DC)

THURSDAY, 8/22/19

-John Mayall + Phil Wiggins + Eleanor Ellis (The Hamilton)
-Alex Lahey + Kingsbury (U Street Music Hall)
-Frass Green + Secret Nudist Friends + Weston Smith (DC9)
-Rufus Wainwright (The Birchmere)
-Food Will Win The War f/ Maryjo Mattea + Sean Barna (Songbyrd Music House)
-Nappy Nappa and Friends (Rhizome DC0
-Sonic Kaleidoscope + Space & Time (Pie Shop DC)
-DMV KARS + The People + The Countess (Slash Run)

FRIDAY, 8/23/19

-Ted Leo & The Pharmacists + Control Top (Black Cat)
-Ben Dickey (DC9)
-The Western Den + The Dead Tongues (Songbyrd Music House)
-Coven Tree + Tadzio + Elisa Faires + Red Rae (Rhizome DC)
-Malibu + Shoobies + Makeup Girl + LOWLIGHT (Milkboy Arthouse)

SATURDAY, 8/24/19

-Tame Impala + Velvet Negroni (The Anthem - SOLD OUT)
-Oso Oso + The Sidekicks + Future Teens (DC9)
-Know Wisdom + Pink Wench + Gilgore/Mattrey/No Land + Vernal Pools (Rhizome DC)
-Y God Y + Tuff Lover (Songbyrd Music House)
-Abolish ICE: Fundraiser for Immigrant Rights (Dew Drop Inn)

SUNDAY, 8/25/19

-Tame Impala + Velvet Negroni (The Anthem - SOLD OUT)
-Why? + Barrie (U Street Music Hall)
-Electric Hot Tune + Dave Mason (Warner Theatre)
-The Spooks + Tyrone & The People's Network (Galaxy Hut)
-Classic Album Sunday - Interpol's Turn On The Bright Lights (Songbyrd Music House)

[posted 8.17.19]


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