Sounds Of Hopscotch 2018: Blanko Basnet

Of all the festivals that exist across the US of A, Hopscotch has to be one of the best. This gem of a festival has a great location (downtown Raleigh), and benefits from seriously strong curation year after year. I've had a great time whenever I've been, and if you're heading down this year you're in for a ton of treats. I've got some suggestions for you, and I hope you'll check these folks out regardless of whether you'll be Hopscotch-ing or not.

Put two-thirds of Hammer No More The Fingers (Joe Hall and Jeff Stickley) together with a twosome of Matts from Canine Heart Sounds and you get Blanko Basnet. The knack for catchy songcraft is still present and accounted for, though Blanko Basnet feels a bit more atmospheric and cerebral than the emphatic, good time bursts of Hammer.

Blanko Basnet plays the Lincoln Theatre on Thursday night.

[posted 9.4.18]


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