Sounds Of Secret Stages 2018: Me And My Knife

While I may not be there in body, my mind and heart will be away down south in Dixie this weekend. Why, you may ask? Well, it's Secret Stages, y'all! August 3-4 sees this boutique festival take over Birmingham once again, bringing together sounds from all ends of the spectrum. If you're in the vicinity, you should absolutely stop what you're doing and go see some folks do their thing. I've put together a shortlist of some artists I'd make time for if I was at the festival, and I hope you'll check them out regardless of whether you're in Alabama this weekend or not.

Frantic, ferocious, and just plain messy - that's what you're going to get with Birmingham trio Me And My Knife. This is the kind of unhinged noise that's on a razor sharp edge, blistering and unrelenting. It's impatient, ramshackle stuff, and I'd bet that when these boys get up on stage there's no telling what might happen.

[posted 8.3.18]


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