Video Of The Day: Steady Holiday

There’s a bunch of videos out there. Some of them are good. Some of them are a cut above. I like to think my picks for Video Of The Day are a cut (or two) above.

Steady Holiday (AKA Dre Babinski) first blipped on my radar a couple years back, and it's nice to see more of her. August 24 sees the release of her Nobody's Watching lp on Barsuk, and a video for "Who's Gonna Stop Us" was just released this week.

The song plays to the strengths of Babinski's enticing vocals, swells of serpentine instrumentation adding a throwback kiss. The lyrics are somewhat dark, though I'm convinced Dre can successfully sugarcoat anything these 1984 redux days can offer up.

Taking the creepy undercurrent to the visual plane, the video sees Babinski leading some kind of mind control session, only to be interrupted by a competitor. It's a bit bizarre, perhaps, but at the same time offers an interesting visual commentary on just how easy it can be to influence people.


[posted 7.21.18]


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