Singles Club: Anemone + Omni + Svvamp

Consider Singles Club your musical matchmaker. I do hope you'll give all these ready to mingle bachelors and bachelorettes your ear as you listen to some new favorite tunes. Read on in the hopes of finding your musical love connection.

Anemone's charming chanteuse Chloe Soldevila describes her ensemble's music as "a way to capture the feeling of driving endlessly on a sunny day with a lover, the feeling of dancing and forgetting about everything while feeling high on life." With the vivacious, vintage disco dream pop of "Bout De Toi," the Montreal outfit captures precisely what Soldevila described. This is the perfect song to get lost in.

It's hard to listen to Omni and not fall in love. This Atlanta bunch has just unleashed "Confessional," just over three minutes of biting, barbed wire jangling perfection. Precise and diabolical, this spiky nugget feels raw and abrasive in all the best ways.

The halcyon rock & roll days of the late 1960s/1970s are alive and well in Sweden, thanks to Svvamp. With "Hillside," the trio of taps into an alchemical reaction, turning their penchant for revivalism into gold in the form of a big, bad modern classic.

[posted 4.19.18]


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