Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Eddie Argos Artwork

We've all seen the onslaught of ads telling us that holiday shopping season has officially begun. Pressure to open they wallet as some kind of duty aside, presents are fun. And giving is a pretty great thing to do, so I've pulled together some ideas to bring a little seasonal joy to the life of your favorite music lover.

This isn't the first year I've recommended some custom artwork by Art Brut's delightful Eddie Argos. But this year I'm putting my money where my mouth is, as I've actually ordered myself a custom piece from Argos, which I'll gush about when it arrives. 

This year, Eddie's done something really, really cool, which is to offer up vouchers that you can gift if you don't happen to know what record would make someone the happiest. If you know your special person's special record, you can go ahead and place an order here. Argos listens to the record while he paints, and does a brief review of the record, as well. You can also follow Eddie on Instagram to see what sort of things he's been painting. I do strongly suggest you order sooner rather than later (as in, no time like the present for this particular present). Really, though, what music lover wouldn't want a painting of their favorite album? 

[posted 11.11.17]   


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