Xmas Gift Guide 2016: Eddie Argos Artwork

It's beginning to look a lot like the time of year that requires a lot of gift giving. We all know that not everyone is easy to shop for, so I'm racking my brain to help you help yourself and find a great gift for the music snob that maybe already has everything...but maybe not this.

I'm sure many of you remember the sardonic, self-deprecating and somewhat sarcastic cheek of Art Brut's irrepressible front fellow Eddie Argos. Not only is Argos a talent with a mic, he's a talent with a paintbrush to boot. Right about now, Eddie is doing custom artwork to warm the heart of any music fan - album cover art. To make this even better, you might just find a little review of the record in question on the back, penned by Argos. Not only that, but he's pledged to listen to the record as he paints. Honestly, there are few more awesomely music nerd-appropriate gifts out there. Also, I'll just put it forth that an Eddie Argos painting of the Super Furry Animals record Fuzzy Logic would be an excellent gift for your favorite blogette.

[posted 11.23.16]


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