Album Premiere: Bishops

To make noise that is steeped in grunge-coated 90s college rock isn't unusual these days. But to do it with the ease, nuance, and overall badassness that Bishops does is something else entirely. Born in West Virginia and currently ensconced in those mystic Harrisonburg, VA, mountains, this trio is proving they can wail (dang cleverly) with the best of them. And that's not all they can do. 

Dream Easy, the band's latest long player, offers up a wide array of tantalizing rock & roll sounds, a little scuffed jangle here, a little all-out shredding there, and miles of droll, just cynical enough vocals. I'm crushing hard on the chugging lovesickness of "Light Expires," the midnight wiriness of "Skeleton," the hefty riffage of "Stay Young Pt. II," and the rubber-burning spitfire bounce of "Guts." But you really can't go wrong here. The sum is pretty great, as are the parts. Each tasty little nugget proves as satisfying as the one before, adding up to a heck of a fine listening experience. If these dudes haven't been on your radar yet, you might want to adjust your focus. 

You can start by nabbing the record (that just so happens to be being premiered hither), out tomorrow via digital download, and on (swank) gold cassette via Valley Cat Records on the 23rd. Also, check out the shows Bishops has in the near future to tour the pants off Dream Easy.     


7/12 @ The Golden Pony - Harrisonburg, VA
7/23 @ Album Release Party @ The Golden Pony - Harrisonburg, VA
8/8 @ 123 Pleasant St. - Morgantown, WV*
8/9 @ The Dawg House - Shepherdstown, WV*
8/10 @ Shea Stadium - Brooklyn, NY*
8/11 @ Nico Nico - Philadelphia, PA*
8/12 @ Asian Taste - Baltimore, MD*
8/13 @ Guido’s - Frederick, MD*

* - w/ Azores

[posted 7.11.16]


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