Singles Club - Premiere Edition: The Dirty Clergy

Winfield is a small northwestern Alabama town, about an hour or so down the road from the legendary Muscle Shoals. As it happens, Winfield also happens to be the home of The Dirty Clergy, a band which I have no doubt is well aware of the musical history that part of the state has played a part in.

Given how close I hold the Heart of Dixie to my heart, it makes my day to be able to premiere this little ditty by these Alabama boys. "Gold" is a mighty fine little number, calling to mind that molten moment in the 80s when rock could at times be pure and rebellious, sounding good on the radio while sounding even better when played to legions of adoring fans in packed, sweaty clubs. When rock dudes could wail and still call upon a tender, velvet falsetto to really woo the ladies. The song calls to mind the down home Americana of The Boss and The Coug, with a hint of Bolan swagger thrown in for good measure. 

"Gold" can be found on the band's soon-to-be-released Rattlesnake long player.   

[posted 6.14.16]


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