Crossing the Pond: Rogue Jones

I must confess, when I read the words "nutty" and "Welsh" in the same email header in my inbox, I got a little excited. Some of my favorite music has been made by nutty Welshpersons, a predisposition that makes me quite keen to read any email with such words in the title. 

The email in question was about Rogue Jones, a Cardiff-based boy-girl duo with a duo of singles released thus far. And while I will concur that theirs is a noise that could be considered nutty, it goes deeper than that. The magic of singing predominantly in Welsh certainly brings a hearty dose of quirky exoticism to their songs, and the instrumentation ranges from earnest traditional to twinkling, twisted twee pop with a splash of synth. A full length record is out on Halloween, a date that somehow feels spot on. 


[posted 10.19.15]


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