Sounds of Hopscotch 2015 #13: River Whyless

It's that time, y'all. Hopscotch time. Despite being a relative new kid on the festival block, with every year the Raleigh festivus gets bigger and harder to ignore. And I'm delighted to report that after a brief hiatus, your intrepid hostess will be venturing down I-85 to check out this year's impressive musical offerings. The only bummer is that I can't see every band the festival has to offer. These are my Hopscotch picks, imperative listening whether you're going to be in Raleigh this coming weekend or not.

They call themselves "Baroque folk," does River Whyless, and it's a term that is actually pretty spot on. Frolicking from winsome folk to a more spine-chilling, delicate setting, the Asheville outfit always keeps it pretty. I suspect their live show enhances this loveliness even more. 

[posted 9.8.15]


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