Good Cover Version: Una Mujer Expansiva Does The Zombies

Pulp gave the world the song "Bad Cover Version." But seeing as I'm a sonic optimist, I'm of the belief that there's more likely than not more good cover versions floating around than bad ones. Good Cover Version celebrates the good, and leaves all that bad and ugly stuff alone.

I really, really, really love The Zombies. To me, they're a sometimes underappreciated part of that British Invasion of the 1960s. But in some ways, they actually played a big part in the birth of psych rock, and y'all know that counts for a lot in my book. 

"This Will Be Our Year" is one of my absolute favorite Zombies songs, and probably just one of my favorite songs in general. When I came across this cover by the mysterious Una Mujer Expansiva, I was smitten. The song is given a breathy, fragile treatment with shy chanteuse vocals and a dreamy, daydream quality with just a touch of nostalgia. I think it does the song proud.

[posted 1.4.15]


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