Live Review: Washed Out @ 9:30 Club, 6/5/14

It took a heck of a long time, y'all, but I finally got to see Washed Out. And it was pretty much everything a girl could hope for. 

With a casual "how's it going, guys," Ernest Greene took to the stage with his four friends, disarmingly approachable and perhaps not at all who you'd expect to be making songs of such powerful, towering gorgeousness. Greene and co. kicked things off with the rich, lovely iced over jangle of "It All Feels Right," a sentiment that fit the set and then some, and it was clear immediately how the songs benefitted live from extra hands. The entire set was nigh on divine, between Greene's easy likability and the perfect delivery of each song. "We're Washed Out and we're excited to be here with you all," Greene said at one point, and I have to say the feeling was definitely mutual. 

Greene pulled from all over the place, getting raucous cheers with the starting and ending of each beautifully-played song. I loved the whole set, but of course, special praise must be given to favorites like "Far Away," "All I Know," "You And I," and "Falling Back" were all exceptionally sublime, and pretty much took my breath away. The various washes of light effects helped the cause, really elevating the songs that much more with bold purples, reds, and blues (among others) as the band floated triumphantly along. The whole show knocked me over, and actually almost literally did (the bass at times was a tad heavy, shall we say, but it only added to the experience). 

I knew going in that I wouldn't be disappointed, and still my expectations were met, and subsequently surpassed. What a fucking show. Washed Out, friends, is simply not to be missed. End of discussion.

[photo copyright Megan Petty]
[posted 7.6.14]


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