Newflash!: Win a Date With Diarrhea Planet's Evan Bird

We all know that I'm totally (more than) ok with objectification, especially when cute band dudes are involved, which means I am more than ok with this contest that the good folks at Infinity Cat are running. Just in time for Valentine's Day, no less! You, yes you, could win a date with the dishy Evan Bird of Diarrhea Planet. Here's what Infinity Cat has to say:

"Are you a Diarrhea Planet fan? Are you a real live woman? Have you ever wondered what the bonafide madmen of Diarrhea Planet do for leisure whenever they're not touring at such a grueling, ridiculous pace that endangers not only themselves but others in their proximity? If so, now you can be the envy of your peers by winning an exclusive romantic date with Evan from DP! In 5 sentences or less, explain your dream date with Evan, your t­shirt size for your Infinity Cat and Diarrhea Planet shirts included with the date, LP or CD preference, and any interesting or fun facts that would help persuade our panel of judges to select you.

Submissions will be reviewed and the lucky winner will be contacted with further instructions. Please send all submission emails to Deadline for submissions is February 12, 2014. Winner will be notified via email by on Valentine's Day, 2014. Guaranteed to be the best Valentine's gift you'll get this year!

Applicant criteria: must be female, must live in Nashville (or willing to travel to Nashville), must have a vehicle or access to a vehicle as Evan does not drive, must be flexible, must have a sense of humor, must be willing to schedule date around said touring schedule, must love dogs, must be self­ confident, no drug addicts, no racists,­ all ages, races, religions welcome."

So get to it, y'all. I know I'm tempted to enter...

[photo by Emily Quirk]

[posted 2.8.14]


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