October 29: Augustines Day

There are few people in the music industry that I like as much as Billy McCarthy and Eric Sanderson, otherwise known as Augustines (also formerly known as We Are Augustines). Not only good people, these two just so happen to be rather gifted with the whole music thing.

The gents are back in town tonight with their friends Frightened Rabbit, and in honor of this event/in honor of a name tweak, I'm decreeing today to be Augustines Day (though March 24th should still be considered We Are Augustines Day, of course, and yes, these dudes ARE worthy of two honorary days). There's also a new record lurking in the near future, and I'm looking forward to volume two of their honest, heart-rending Americana. No doubt I'll see some of you at the 9:30 Club tonight for the late show, but make sure you get there in plenty of time for Augustines. You'll be so very glad you did. 



  1. Jealous as hell, roll on the new album and a UK tour. Please let us know how the gig went


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