March 24: We Are Augustines Day

A few years back, brothers and sisters, lived a band from Brooklyn known as Pela. They won me over with their slightly rustic, heartfelt take on Americana, and I became an instantaneous fan. So too was I instantly won over by how genuine the band was, each member the type to greet you with a warm smile and an even warmer hug. When the foursome disbanded, I was deflated, but all was not lost.

Two factions of the band have carried on, and today we discuss the venture of Billy McCarthy and Eric Sanderson, We Are Augustines. The old magic has been recaptured, and with the addition of amigo Rob Allen the boys have grown and matured and expanded their sound into something exceedingly beautiful. The voice of McCarthy is as wonderfully rough-hewn and wearily optimistic as ever, and the band's songs will grab you by the heartstrings in no time flat. In honor of the boys' show with Band of Skulls this evening at the 9:30 Club, I decree today to be We Are Augustines Day, and hope you'll join me in celebrating these remarkable gentlemen.

[photo by Levi Pervin]


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