Video Vixens: Soup Dragons

Oh, the 90s. What a decade you were. Full of good music and rather questionable fashion choices. But today, we'll focus on the good music.

I've loved the Soup Dragons song "Divine Thing" since the 90s, though only recently noticed the band was Scottish (it's no wonder I loved this song so much). A little ditty about a bad, bad girl, given a jangly, hip-shakin' production that pretty much makes it impossible to ignore. It's a touch on the baggy side, nodding to the trendy Madchester scene, though it's definitely a bit too fluffy to be real baggy.

The video itself is pure early 90s fodder. Think Brit band goes to New York and makes a bright, silly video with cameos by Amazonian NYC model types. I think it actually captures the essence of its day quite well, and serves as a great little slice of 90s nostalgia for those of us that were there. Whippersnappers, take notes.  


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