Newsflash!: A Loose Lips Reunion/Final Farewell

Many of us were more than a little bummed out when irrepressibly likable local indie heroes Loose Lips called it a day more than a year ago.  

That bummed out-edness can definitely be mitigated a smidge with the Sunday funday event that is the Loose Lips reunion. It's also the start of Shark Week, so there's all sorts of winning to be had in one day. 

Digressions about one of my favorite weeks of the year aside, I'm all sorts of excited about this here reunion. After all, the best way to mitigate the sadness of a farewell is by having a reunion (even if it's also the last of the last hurrahs).   

To coincide with the show, the band has released a "lost" record of Lips gems, songs that perfectly capture the lively, effortless energy of the band at peak form. Rough and tumble recordings are just what they should be, and serve as a fine and fitting tribute to the band's career. Download the whole shebang and then request your favorites this Sunday afternoon, when the band takes over the Velvet Lounge nice and early-like. See you there, y'all.


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