Meet Pontiacs

With the exception of the legendary Os Mutantes, I'm pretty woefully lacking in my knowledge of South American psych rock. But I like to think I'm making up for lost time with the divine find that is Chile's Pontiacs (if the name sounds familiar around these parts, it could be because I threatened a little while back to talk about them some more). I'm convinced it was divine providence that led me to them.

What really hooked me was their 2010 release, Kidnapped By Natives. They've got all the elements a psych fan could possibly want, tipping their plumed hat reverentially to bands like Deep Purple, The Zombies, and Iggy's Stooges, while also putting together hallucinogenic, cinematic noises that trend Spindriftian at times. 

They also sound a little off their collective rocker at time, which is always exciting. Coyotes on peyote. Infinite doors of perception. Free love for the past, present, and future. And a song about John Wayne ("John Wayne (Kidnapped)") that is so good and so out there that you won't be able to stop listening to it. 

Far fucking out and then some.    



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