Video Vixens: Chase and Status

If I had to venture a guess, I'd say this is probably the first time I've written about dubstep (or something approaching dubstep, anyway) since Fuzzy Logic launched two years ago. But having been introduced to the following jam by a rather special fellow, I found myself feeling compelled to share the sweet, sweet love and sweet, sweet beats with y'all. 

Chase & Status is a pair of Brits (Saul and Will, respectively) with a penchant for knob-twiddling. One such song, "Blind Faith," has engrained itself into my brain, so addictive is this little firecracker. The video for the clip is sheer early 90s nostalgia, following a group of friends as they move from pregame to pub to "warehouse party," and then on to the morning after. The haircuts! The dance moves! The huge cell phones! A blast from the past backed by a seriously killer tune. I'm all for it, my lovelies. And you might just be, too.


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