Singles Club: Static Eyes

I've been sitting here for over an hour now, listening to a song so damned good that I cannot for the life of me stop listening to it. Seriously. I just can't stop myself. And I'm not really sure I wanna stop.

Since you were wondering, the song in question is "Trouble," by yet another killer band to get themselves mixed up with those badasses over at Windian Records, Static Eyes. "Trouble" sounds like, quite frankly, trouble. It's the kind of song your mama warned you about. Like a drunker, tougher Swell Maps getting sloppy and causing a thousand ruckuses. Messy to perfection, the song careens along like a buzzsaw, leaving broken bottles, broken hearts, and broken ear drums in its wake. 

Static Eyes, I love you.

But don't take my word for it. Hit play and see how long it takes you to tear yourself away.


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