Video Vixens: PYYRAMIDS

It's not a secret that I'm not really a fan of small humans (you know, children). But I sometimes make exceptions. I'm gonna make one now, because this here video is extremely fantastic, and stars one heck of an adorable little chica.

PYYRAMIDS has this great, great little song called "Don't Go," and sometimes a great video can help make a great song even, well, greater. See the little blonde lass adorably mime the words as various cuteness envelops her! Even I can't find fault with the precocious preciousness that ensues.

Hear the slinky, bittersweet breathiness of Drea Smith singing a song that really, really gets me right in cold black heart (which is particularly vulnerable at this time of February, damn you ghosts of gentlemen callers past). It's a video that in itself is rather addictive, and the song too shares that must-have quality.

mp3: Don't Go (PYRRAMIDS from the Human Beings EP)


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