The Untitled Interview #142 – BiMA.fest Edition: Starring Craig Taylor (Lushfarm)

It's just about that time, to once again venture up the I-95 corridor to partake in some Baltimorean musical hijinks at the BiMA.fest 2011. After last year's fun, my expectations are high. I spoke with a few of the bands you need to know about playing BiMA.fest this year about all things festivus.

I love what Lushfarm's bio says so very much that I shall now include it here. Bands, this is how you write a bio! "Lushfarm is a band of staunch non-intellectuals intent on bringing you back to the days when rock music was something more than an emotion piece for a movie soundtrack, or a catchy tune for a commercial. there was a time when people went to shows to check out a new band, and we are that band." Those words just strike a chord with me, friends. Below, guitar/vocal dude Craig Taylor talks festival.

Fuzzy Logic:
Band you're most looking forward to seeing at the festival?

Craig Taylor:
Metallica!!!!!! Oh wait, they're not playing? Then probably Bosley at Ottobar on Saturday.

FL: What was the first festival you ever attended, either as a musician or member of the general public?
For me it was HFStival 1998. I was 16. I think I knew "Tomorrow" by Silverchair on guitar at that point.

What would you advise the out-of-towners to see/do while they’re in Baltimore?
CT: Go to Club Charles and see if John Waters is there. Then go to Joe Squared and try some pizza. Don't be afraid to buy a bottle of water from a dude on the street, they're legit. Go to Hampden, find a pregnant 15 year old (will not be difficult), snatch the cigarette out of her mouth, smack her wrist and say "Bad human! No! Bad!" Repeat this last thing as many times as you like. Maybe there won't be as many cigarette butts outside my house.

Favorite thing about festivals?


FL: Best Baltimore-centric song?
"What's New in Baltimore?" by Frank Zappa. I've never actually heard it, I just refuse to say "Raining in Baltimore."

Lushfarm plays night two of BiMA.fest.

mp3: Paranoid (Lushfarm from their forthcoming LP)


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