Singles Club: The Snowy Owls

Back in May, dear darlings, I gushed a little (perhaps a lot) about the rather delightful Richmond band The Snowy Owls. Well, it's time to gush once again, as the band has just released another! New! Song! Yay! And I do declare, y'all, you're gonna love it.

"Yr Eyes" is large in scale, once again mixing the scuzzy fuzz of Sonic Youth and just a dash of The Jesus & Mary Chain with shades of Dinosaur Jr. for a sound that both has the ability to blow out your speakers and make you coo with glee. Somehow, through all the noise, the song retains a kind of bashful intimacy that makes it seem sweet. It's the kind of song the hipster ladies would swoon to have written about them, and the kind of song you band boys should definitely make more of.

As if that wasn't enough, the Owls have kindly added a cover of St. Vincent's "Actor Out of Work" to their single, and the lo-fi feel and the way fuzzed-out guitar add a fresh, fantastic take to the song.

mp3: Yr Eyes (The Snowy Owls from Yr Eyes)


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