For The Music Snob Who Has Everything, II?

Those wily scamps over at Aggronautix have done it again. Their 9th figure is quite a good choice, if you ask me. Now you, or that particularly difficult person for whom to buy gifts, can own Roky Erickson. Well, a seven inch version of Roky, that is.

The figure (Throbblehead, y'all) pays homage to Roky circa 1980, and the 13th Floor Elevator stands defiantly with arms crossed and a heavy-lidded stare just daring you not to buy him. All you psych lovers, take note, the Roky Throbblehead is limited to just 1000 figures, and you don't want to miss out (several Throbbleheads have already sold out, so don't be surprised if Roky soon joins the ranks). After all, there's a mere four months of shopping until it's time for Santa, and who wouldn't love a little Roky in their stocking? Or, pair it with a 13th Floor Elevators record for the hippest present around.

mp3: Be And Bring Me Home (Roky Erickson from Never Say Goodbye)


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