Live Review: Suns of Guns @ Black Cat, 6/29/2011

I've gotta tell y'all, I wasn't actually planning on reviewing the recent Suns of Guns set over at the Black Cat. I was just gonna go, drink some PBR, and enjoy myself while one of my favorite local bands tore shit up and burned shit down. But darned if they weren't too dang good for me not to write about. Bastards.

Since last I saw those Suns of Guns, they've whipped up a whole crop of bitchin new songs and added a member, a feisty lady on keys whose whole back-to-the-audience thing really adds nicely to the Suns of Guns fuck you ethos. I was particularly fond of the new song "Runners," a pulsating and pummeling monster that definitely suits the gritty dark filth this band is so very good at creating. "Ralph E. Static," one of the only songs I think I've heard, was typically snarling and grimy and flat out fantastic.

I will never tire of the throaty, nervy vocals and that churning, messy, noisy as fuck, dirty mess that comes out of their instruments. I say this all the time, but c'mon, y'all. If ever you get lucky enough to see this band, do it. End of story.

mp3: Purple Bats (Suns of Guns from On the Border of Snakeland)


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