Singles Club: Kids On a Crime Spree

Oh. Sweet. Mercy. Y'all! Here I am just pawing through my inbox, and lo and behold I find myself falling in love. The latest object of my affection is a seriously sweet little ditty by Kids On a Crime Spree called, appropriately enough, "Sweet Tooth." For fans of fuzz and the spectre of Spector, there's oh so much to get a sweet, sweet sugar rush from. Believe you me, little hep cats, it's a fine, fine song. You really ought to be listening to it as of right this very now.

It seems only fitting that
Kids On a Crime Spree will be releasing their forthcoming EP (with "Sweet Tooth" on it!) on the divine Slumberland, quite a match made in heaven if you ask me.

Sweet Tooth (Kids On a Crime Spree from the forthcoming We Love You So Bad EP) (fond regards to
The Tale Of The Tape)


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