Singles Club: Bleeding Knees Club

Today, my beloved little scamps, I've got a recommendation for you that was recommended to me. When you're done listening, you'll very probably wanna go and do some recommending yourself. Luke of my darling Sex Beet also does his own killer blog, and it's thanks to him I can talk to you about Bleeding Knees Club.

Hailing from Australia, Bleeding Knees Club have, on "Have Fun," unleashed a sound that is both summery and somewhat snarling. Listen once and you'll get what I mean. The song unites the simple lyrical banalities of forefather bands like The Ramones with just enough fuzz and the hint of sweaty summer parties. It makes me, as they so succintly sing, "just wanna have fun." You'll hear their self-professed influences death, bike crashes, and public bathrooms somewhere in here. So good you'll wanna loop this for a couple hours, no doubt.

Have Fun (Bleeding Knees Club - more info here)


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