Meet Folly and The Hunter

I don't know what it is about Montreal, but it seems to be one of those cities where there's something in the air. I'm pretty sure I have yet to hear a band from that part of the world that I don't get the warm fuzzies for. So you might guess I feel the same about Montreal newcomers Folly and The Hunter.

What I'm hearing from them is rather special indeed. It's a sound definitely inspired by the woodsy folk of American bands, but with the magical touch that only a Montreal band can truly capture. The resulting sounds are idyllic and dappled by the golden sun, totally glorious and lovely. I don't know how our neighbors to the North do it, but Folly and The Hunter is yet another shining example of the glorious Canadian music family. Definitely watch this space, as I suspect you'll be hearing more about this band very soon.

mp3: Cost (Folly and The Hunter from Residents)


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