Video Vixens: Ghost Eyes

There's a lot of love for Fujiya & Miyagi around here, that's for sure. But there's also a whole lotta love for those who (skillfully) remix the fine fine songs of F & M. Take for instance the dastardly doings of Ghost Eyes.

Ghost Eyes takes a typically slinked-up, naughty little Fujiya & Miyagi jam and takes it a step further, adding some underlying, chilly creepiness along with some big ole beats and an enticing hint of the Orient. The video itself pulls from a vintage cartoon about honeymooning animals and the tuxedo cat whose significant other jilted him. Look for the moonwalking at the end, y'all. Great remix and great, unexpected video.

mp3: Cat Got Your Tongue (Ghost Eyes Remix) (Fujiya & Miyagi from Ventriloquizzing)


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