Singles Club: Girls Names

Sad but true: I've never been to Ireland (Northern or otherwise). However, if Girls Names is any indication, I'm missing out. This band cherrypicks bits and bobs from the best of the best (you might hear shades of Orange Juice, Josef K, The Zombies, and even Joy Division), and "Seánce on a Wet Afternoon" is oh so wonderful, from the underlying slightly sinister surfiness to the fuzz that hallmarks so many great older records. Girls Names wears their inspiration very, very well.

This song is impossible to resist, and I eagerly await the Girls Names invasion. New record Dead To Me is out soon on Slumberland, which is rapidly becoming one of my most favorite labels.

"Seánce on a Wet Afternoon" (Girls Names from the forthcoming Dead To Me)
Girls Names - Seánce on a Wet Afternoon by Slumberland Records


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