Megan's Top 70 of 2010: #7 - Crocodiles

Why I Decree it to Be So:

Crocodiles run rampant all over the Nile. A different kind of Crocodiles runs rampant all over my affections. Odds are they don't bite quite as hard as their toothy namesakes, but on Sleep Forever the band showcases a beautifully biting sonic crocodile smile. To me, they occupy an ethereal middleground between the retro-infused shoegaze shenanigans of those rascally Raveonettes, the Jonestown-ian drone and the noisy walls of sound built so magnificently by LET faves A Place to Bury Strangers. Crocodiles calls to mind all of that and yet so much more. Listening to Sleep Forever was for me a near trance-inducing, transcendental experience each and every time. I'm not sure where this band has been all my life, but I sure am glad they're here now. This record, dear loves, is so good that I almost can't stand it.


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