Megan's Top 70 of 2010: #14 - Violens

Why I Decree it to Be So:

A couple years back, I saw MGMT play down at The National in Richmond. They brought with them another New York band, a band that totally blew my mind more than did the headliner. That band, o lovelies, was Violens. Happily, in the many months that have elapsed since that show, they've been busy little bees. This here record of theirs, Amoral, is positively dynamic. The band produces a well-groomed, glossy yet gritty 80s synth pop incarnate sound that is immaculate and insanely awesome. On Amoral you'll hear big beats bouncing alongside heavenly smooth vocals and lascivious basslines on songs like "Acid Reign" and "Full Collision," whereas "Violent Sensation Descends" pairs a jarring intro with some early 60s-esque harmonizing and an overwhelming air of uncompromising infectiousness. You really might want to add Amoral to your record collection, and sharpish.

mp3: Violent Sensation Descends (Violens from Amoral)


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