Megan's Top 70 of 2010: #13 - Die! Die! Die!

Why I Decree it to Be So:

Those of you who have been around the old LET block a few times are familiar with my love for the New Zealand trio Die! Die! Die!. For years now their visceral, cutting angularity and savage brand of brash art punk have been firm favorites of mine, so it's only natural that I greeted the arrival of their latest record, FORM, almost like a national holiday. On the surface, perhaps, the record is slightly less seething with aggressive vitriol than its' predecessors. But after a few spins round the turntable (or, in my case, incessant listening, because I just couldn't stop myself), the old familiar menacing attitude is there in all its' angsty glory. "We Built Our Own Oppressors" is raucousness personified, choked with vicious guitar, unrelenting basslines, and ridiculously tenacious drums. My favorite track, "Pacquin," has possibly my favorite guitar play of the entire year, a fiery slide into darkness so very beautiful. Alternating between favored themes of social commentaries and personal disappointments, FORM is one hell of a record. It shows a continued maturation in the band's sound, without losing that unhinged, hellraiser feel which first drew me in.

mp3: We Built Our Own Oppressors (Die! Die! Die! from FORM) (via Einstein Music Journal)


  1. Thanks a million for the tip about this band. I'd never heard of them before this blog post. I bought Form last night, and have been blown away by it ever since. They remind me of Repeater-era FUGAZI; their singer even sounds like Guy Picciotto!

  2. Anon, I'm pleased as punch to hear that you love this record. Make sure you check out their earlier stuff, too!


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