Megan's Top 70 of 2010: #12 - Eternal Summers

Why I Decree it to Be So:

Roanoke, O Roanoke. Something wonderful goes on down there, y'all, I kid you not. Eternal Summers is the latest head to sprout from the mythical being that is the Magic Twig Community, and this record of theirs, Silver, is quite a grand old time. The pairing of Nicole Yun on guitar and vocal duties and Daniel Cundiff on drummery and the odd vocal outing hither and thither proves a charmingly perfect fit. Their take on surf meets shoegaze meets twee is heavenly. Yun's voice is breathy and adorable, and the record's lo-fi production is just fuzzy enough. Just try to resist them after hearing the languid lullaby and heavenly harmonies of "Eternal," or the playful sass of "I'll Die Young for Rock n Roll," or the kaleidoscopic, magical frolic that is "Silver." You might as well just go ahead and give up now. Throw up your hands, throw on Silver, and send me a thank you note at your convenience.

mp3: Pogo (Eternal Summers from Silver)


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