Video Vixens: Fujiya & Miyagi

I will forever owe my love of and exposure to Fujiya & Miyagi to my adorable former roommate, Max. If it wasn't for Max, and his fondness for the glorious song "Ankle Injuries", I might never have been exposed to the seductive slink and the expansive shapeshifting of those F&M beats, not to mention some of the most come-hither vocals I've ever heard. Perish the thought indeed.

The Brightonian foursome is getting ready for a January album release, and in the meantime are giving us all nightmares with their new video. Ok, maybe they're just giving me nightmares. But come on. That dude messing with the Fujiya & Miyagi-alike ventriloquist dummies is seven shades of scary. The song itself is fantastic, all velvet and sexy somehow, despite talking about beating someone eight shades of black and eight shades of blue.

mp3: Sixteen Shades of Black & Blue (Fujiya & Miyagi from the forthcoming Ventriloquizzing)


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