Singles Club: Tyvek

Tyvek is from Detroit. Detroit Rock City. Motor City. A city formerly great and thriving, now buried and burning in the continued morass of decades of depressingly painful decline.

It's probably safe to guess that this state of affairs has probably played a hand somewhat in the sound of Tyvek, and in this song "4312", a loud loud loud little mess of a song indebted much (to my ears) to Detroit's own Stooges and MC5, as well as the all-important forefathers The Ramones. It's catchy in the way that certain punk songs have the tendency to be, getting all sorts of stuck in your brain after just a few listens.

In "4312" Tyvek keeps it simple, keeps it loud, and keeps it awesome. The wash of lo-fi is as omnipresent as the shouty vocals and thrashing guitars. Something tells me this band is probably killer live.

mp3: 4312 (Tyvek from Nothing Fits)


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