A Mix Betwixt Friends: James M.

As music bloggers, Chris and I both have quite a few folks that come to us seeking musical guidance. Now, I can't speak for Chris, but whenever I get asked for recommendations, I tend to draw a blank. Naturally, I remember a whole host of bands I just know people would love hours after they've asked me. It's a gift to have such a horrible memory, I know. So then, it seemed somehow necessary to begin to offer up mixes for my friends, mixes for those who have both asked for my wisdom and those who need my help, whether they know it or not.

First up: my super awesome friend James, who actually inspired this whole concept. James is no stranger to good music, being in a band down there in Richmond himself (which you should probably check out). Over the years that we've known each other, James has often boosted my ego by coming to me for bands to listen to. Naturally, I'm always more than happy to oblige. However, now, instead of having to get back to him with erratic texts at random hours, I present him with a mix. So James, darlin', this one's for you.

mp3: Daydream (Beach Fossils from Beach Fossils)

mp3: Don't Know Why (You Stay) (The Essex Green from Cannibal Sea)

mp3: The Great River (These United States from What Lasts)

mp3: Knots (Pete & The Pirates from Little Death)

mp3: If You Don't Want Me To Destroy You (Super Furry Animals from Fuzzy Logic)

mp3: Night Might (The Strange Boys from Be Brave)

mp3: Tow The Line (Thieving Irons from This Midnight Hum)

mp3: Big Black Sky (Sunking! from Dreamy Of The Sunchildren)

Us Vs Them (Common Prayer from There Is A Mountain)

Young And Dumb (Neverever from Angelic Swells)

mp3: Doors (Ice Black Birds from As Birds We'd Be Fine)

mp3: All Y'all (Gringo Star from All Y'all)


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