100 Shows of 2010 - #85: Terribly Good #1 Starring The Loom, SEAS, Boy Without God & Sister Ex @ Velvet Lounge, 11/5/10

November. Oft looked upon as a cheerless, depressing, overwhelmingly blah kinda month, I'd say the poor thirty not-October, not-December days get a bad rap. As far as I'm concerned, there's been a whole lot of awesome happening in November thus far, and it's only gonna get better. One of these moments of superfabulousness happened when yours truly aided and abetted one rather fantastic little rock and roll show over at the Velvet Lounge. There was rock. There was twang. There was folking it up. I'd like to think all and sundry had as daggum a good time as I did, because I was quite pleased with the night. Look for us to get up to more gig mischief in the future. But for now, here's how things went down.

MINI RECAP: Sister Ex = Rocked It! Boy Without God = Smoked It! SEAS = Killed It! The Loom = Burned It! Overall Score: A

Sadly, I didn't get to see much of the Sister Ex set. But the little I did see was rather promising. Taking cues from all things loud and snarling, the band ripped through their songs, anchored by the slightly metallic sneer of vocalist Claudia Neuman. If your ears are a fan of serious rock, well, you might be interested in this here band.

Things started to get seriously wicked awesome next, as Bostonians Boy Without God did their thing. A very, very interesting mix of placid noise, raw nerve lyrics, and the occasional ambling and way expansive instrumental, BWG most certainly showed the crowd a darned good time. I found myself very intrigued indeed by their jangly mess of sound, and heartily recommend them.

Third on the bill were locals (and LET pet) SEAS. Yeah, today I'm using all caps. Every time I see Ben Green and his co-conspirators live, I love them just a teensy bit more. The strummery of SEAS, along with hints of twang and whiffs of somewhere desolate and beautiful, cannot be matched. The best way to test whether I'm right is to get out there and get you some SEAS. Trust.

The nightcap was provided courtesy another pet band, this time hailing from the land of the Brooklyners, The Loom. Their Appalachia-by-way-of-Metropolis sound gets me every time. The band makes a noise that is intimate and comfortable, despite being intricate, much the way a fireside gathering in the dead of a Northeastern winter can be. The first time I saw them was no fluke. This band is the real deal, y'all.

I had an absolute blast working on this show, and just want to quickly thank the bands and everyone who came out to spend their Friday night with us. We'll all have to do this again sometime. And in the meantime, give these bands some love, y'all.

mp3: Valley Of The Fevers (Alternate) (SEAS from Now My Home Is a Beech Tree)

mp3: Song For The Winter Sun (The Loom from the forthcoming Teeth)


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