Happy Birthday To Me: The Best Damn 1979 Mix Of The Day

Well, my little lovvies, yours truly is another year older (though definitely, positively, without question none the wiser) as of the wee small hours of today. I’ve got no bones about admitting when I was born, partially because I look young (or so people tell me, and they can’t all be lying) and partially because with age (supposedly) comes a certain modicum of wisdom (though, as I said above, I don’t feel all that wise), of being above being concerned about one’s age. Now, when the carding stops, then perhaps I’ll start celebrating the same birthday year after year. But for now, well, I’m in my Terrible 30s. And I’m rather happy to have made it this far.

But I’m not the only one, oh no. There were some monumentally good records born along with me in 1979, and I’d like to celebrate them today. Here’s my favorite song from some of the most noteworthy of 1979 releases. We’re not getting older, just better.

mp3: Rock Lobster (The B-52s from The B-52s)

mp3: Disorder (Joy Division from Unknown Pleasures)

mp3: Metal (Gary Numan from The Pleasure Principle)

mp3: Damaged Goods (Gang of Four from Entertainment!)

mp3: Get Over You (The Undertones from The Undertones)

mp3: Wrong ‘Em Boyo (The Clash from London Calling)


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