The Untitled Interview #41: Starring Ben Dickey (Blood Feathers)

I recently discovered that I kinda sorta love Blood Feathers, thanks to a mucho fantastico live performance at the Black Cat a few weeks back. They've got sass, my friends, serious sass. The Philly supergroupers impressed me not only with their saucy onstage demeanor but with their music, too. Hey, it's not all about stage presence, friends. It helps to make good tunes, at least in my humble opinion. And happily, Blood Feathers know how to concoct some damn fine songs. Of course, you don't have to take my word for it. Pick up a copy of their record, Goodness Gracious, or even better, get the record and then go see them live. You'll love 'em.

Ben Dickey (otherwise known as Feather Dickey) kindly sat down with some questions, and below are his answers. Ben wins major points for his diplomatic answer to my most pointed question (see Beatles vs Stones). Sure, we root for enemy baseball teams, but I still think Ben is the bee's knees. But look out, Ben, the Nats are gonna win it all in about 100 years. Just you wait.

Les Enfants Terribles: How the hell are you?
Ben Dickey: Pretty darned good I suppose.

LET: What was the last song you listened to?
BD: “DW. Washburn” by the Coasters.

LET: Playing music is: __________
BD: Playing music is not quite a disease, but there ain't no cure and it's terminal. But it feels just so mighty fine!

LET: What album most made you realize you wanted to make music?
BD: Bo Diddley (1957) & Go Bo Diddley.

LET: Beatles or Stones?
BD: Steatles.

LET: Top 5 albums (of now, of this month, or of ever):
BD: Jeez, for now, 5. Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet Vol. 1. 4. Howlin' Wolf, Moanin In The Moonlight. 3. Hank Williams, Moanin' The Blues. 2. Bob Dylan, Love & Theft. 1. Jimi Hendrix, Electric Ladyland...but that's just today, and that's just me.

LET: Favorite music-related movie?
BD: Hard Days Night.

LET: Half-full or half-empty?
BD: Full dahlin', full.

LET: Which of your peers do you think is making the best music these days?
BD: We really dig what Jack White does as a musical force all round. I'm always interested in what Radiohead will do next. Some of the best song writers around are our friends, Dr. Dog, Mazarin (or Black Stoltzfus), Walkmen. Love what they do. The best music? Raphael Saadiq is makin' some damn good music. Don't know bout best, sorry.

LET: What’s the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning?
BD: Does the ol' Tanker Dog (my dog) need to go outside yonder?

LET: The greatest record store in the world is:
BD: Princeton Record Exchange is pretty good.

LET: Shaken or stirred?
BD: Shaken baby.

LET: If you weren’t in a band you’d be:
BD: A fighter pilot.

LET: Your boots were made for:
BD: Lovin'.

LET: If you were so inclined, whom would you form a tribute band in honor of?
BD: Fats Domino.

LET: Little-known Blood Feathers fact?
BD: Not a one tattoo in the band.

LET: Springing forward-falling backwards: thumbs up or thumbs down?
BD: Give me mo' light and I will grin with delight.

LET: Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, Flyers: who do you root for?
BD: Phillies fo' sho'.

LET: Best song ever written?
BD: There’s that word best again. For the purposes of the question, how bout “O' Holy Night”, oh those majors into minors into majors.

mp3: Caterpillar (Blood Feathers from Goodness Gracious)


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