Quote of the Day: #1

ack in college, I went through this phase where I was really, really into quotes. I would pore through books and magazines and surf the 'net for hours upon hours, simply looking for witty or meaningful quotes which I would compile into various notebooks for future reference.

Having recently moved into a (much) smaller apartment than the one I first lived in when I first came down to Richmond, I have found it necessary to shed much of the stuff that used to inhabit the cavernous spaces of my old loft, so as to not overwhelm my cozy Museum District pad (and to attempt to pare down the amount of shit I've been stockpiling). Last night, while pawing through a drawer, I happened across a couple of my old quote notebooks. I felt comfortable getting rid of them, but decided that some of those quotes were too good to simply forget about. And so, friends, enter Quote of the Day.

It might not happen everyday. But hence, I'm gonna share some of the better quotes that I found over the years of quote-collecting, especially since most of them ended up involving musicians (or Oscar Wilde, but let's face it, he was pretty rock&roll).

And so, drumroll please. The first quote in this new series comes to us courtesy of one of rockdom's greatest axemen, a man who casts a mighty big shadow on all guitar players who come after him. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Pete Townshend:

"I smash guitars because I like them."


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