Live Review: The So So Glos @ The Czar, February 18

A funny thing happened to me this week. I kinda sorta fell in smit with a little rock band from the north called the So So Glos. It wasn't anything I had planned, you see. In fact, it came totally out of the blue. I had merely been drafted to check them out, and instead I found myself not-so-gradually turning from casual observer into a fan. And now, well, pardon my pun, but I'm basking in a serious Glo.

After their in-store at Plan 9 earlier in the evening, I headed over to the Czar (in the space where the Nancy Raygun once resided) to check out what these four Brooklyn guys could do in a full set in a room tailor-made for noise (and my, did they make some noise. My ears were ringing all of yesterday thanks to them.).

True, they're young, but they sure don't play like it. The Glos have, somewhere along the way, picked up some serious rawk skills, not to mention an endearing collective stage presence. The foursome attacked their guitars with joyous aplomb, ripping ferocious chord after ferocious chord, plucking at the bass with gleeful disdain, and beating the hell out of the skins as if all possessed by some rock'n'roll demon, but always with smiles plastered across their faces. I found their songs to be extremely catchy, tuneful, and sparkling with promise. The set flew by, as song after song was played with copious amounts of energy and intensity. Who doesn't love a band that's obviously having a great time? It was positively infectious. The night was, dare I say, a rollicking good time. As I looked around the Czar at all the smiling faces (those of the crowd AND the band), I felt pretty darned glad to be a part of the show.

The So So Glos are in the midst of a pretty extensive tour right now, so if you find yourself in the path of said tour, I'd strongly advise you to go check 'em out. Chances are good you'll end up converted.


  1. The So So Glos are the reason your socks are missing. Great post! They'll be back in Richmond March 11th for the Greased Lightning Tour @ The Triple. We show love, show love, show love.

    Keep it Boss y'all



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