Spectacularly Off-Topic: Banzai

I've been rather lucky, in that I've had the pleasure of living in the lovely United Kingdom on several occasions. These months afforded me many wonderful opportunities, one of which is going to be discussed here. It's not (exactly) music-related, but certainly worth a mention. So here we go (warning: if I was sober this writeup would be way more awesome, sorry kids).

One of the (infinitely many) things that made me adore living in Britain (Scotland, for the most part, to get specific), is the show Banzai. Several friends brought it to my attention, and we spent quite a few intoxicated evenings glued to the TV, making drunken wagers on this splendidly over-the-top show. I had missed the show like crazy, until I recently found myself joyously enthralled with the official Banzai YouTube channel.

But again, I'm getting ahead of myself. I have to express the sheer fantasticalness of Banzai. It's a Japanese betting show, adapted for a British audience. Each show is full of random games, the object of which is to bet on, preferably in an intoxicated state. It pretty much defies explanation, so I suggest you just dig in to Banzai right here, right now, and see if you don't get instantly hooked. Some of my favorite games involve the uncomfortably dynamite Lady One Question. You'll see what I mean.

Betting ends!


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