Basking in the Glow of Victory, Championship Edition

The first time I wrote about my team winning Cous Cous's Rock'n'Roll trivia was the first week of the year. Now, the last week in January, it's time for an update. The first month of 2009 trivia has wrapped up with the newly-instilled Grand Championship round, held after the final regular round this past Tuesday night.

My team, David Bowie's Nipple Antennae, has swelled to 7 members, and won for our third week (out of four). We also took the Grand Championship round, making us the first ever Grand Champions.

I've gotta say, being a Grand Champion feels even better than winning three of four weeks in January.

And kudos to the masterminds of trivia (otherwise known as Al and Morgan) for coming up with this Grand Championship. It's a great idea. As long as we keep winning, of course. And to all you Richmond loves, come out to Cous Cous on Tuesday, and see how you stack up against the trivia elite. Don't forget to tip your bartender.

So congrats and sloppy kisses to my darling teammates: Laura, Mark, Tracy, Chris, Patty, and our newest Nipple, James. Let's keep kicking ass.


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