Xmas Gift Guide - #2

The other night I surfed over to the great and powerful Sub Pop site, just to see what was new and exciting over in that part of the world. You've probably noticed that we kinda have a thing for Sub Pop here at Les Enfants (you'll be seeing a member of their talent roster in my top albums list within the next week or so).

In any event, those good people at Sub Pop like to keep us informed. So much so, that they even tell you the most popular items in their online store. At the time I was perusing the site, the Band of Horses Cranberry Flourish Tee (official name) was the shop's top seller. It's a mighty fine shirt, I must say.

And if you've got a Band of Horses fan among your present-recipients, this might just be the gift for them. It's a foxy little tee, the color is great, and I don't know about you but I am particularly fond of flourishes. As far as I'm concerned, there isn't nearly enough flourish and script lettering in band tees these days.

While you're picking up this lovely little shirt, why not check out some of the other multitudinous items in the Sub Pop shop? They've got clothing, accessories, and oh yes, records galore.


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